Law Professor and Party Member: Merkel Is A Criminal

The Laws are there to torment the people, protect the rulers

…And laws are there to be broken. Or was it the rules? Never mind. Merkel is a criminal and her corrupt regime broke all the laws: German Law, EU Law, International law… says another distinguished critic. This time it is Rupert Scholz, Professor of Law, who at some point was also the Federal Minister of Defense, albeit only for a year, in 1988/89. Needless to say, where there is no plaintiff, there is no crime. All talk about criminal politicians will always be just this: talk. Corruption doesn’t officially exist in Germany. Politicians and journalists enjoy jurisdictional immunity. The rulers are above the Law.

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We tell you it is a democracy, so IT DAMN IS a democracy!

Opinions do not make a court, except the court of public opinion. Which is easily manipulated or, if things get out of hand, censored. Merkel and her cronies will never be tried in a real court, never go to jail, never have to fear any consequences of their political actions. If you climb high enough the social ladder, you’ll realize there is no Rule of Law in Germany, nor is it a Democracy. [You can tell by the corrupt regime media desperately telling you in each article, paragraph after paragraph, that it is]. But let’s assume it were a lawful democracy. In that case, these are just the recent crimes Angela Merkel committed against her own people and nation:

“If you look at these refugee decisions from a legal perspective, then there were significant violations of the law committed by the Federal Government.

We disregarded the Dublin Agreement.

We disregarded the Schengen Treaty.

The Asylum Procedure Law had been partially suspended. That’s a fact!

Even our German Basic Law, Article 16 A, was suspended, for example by the claim that ‘All Syrians that come get asylum here.’

Asylum, according to the German Basic Law, is an individual right. It means that each person must prove individually that he or she is politically persecuted in their homeland. There is no flat-rate asylum for all the Syrians who show up.

Furthermore, Article 16 A of the German Basic Law states that nobody is entitled to asylum if he came from a safe third country. The “refugees” who came to us were ALL from safe third countries: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, etc. Italy, Greece…

The Asylum Procedures Act says the same thing as the German Basic Law. The Asylum Procedures Act further states that the Federal Police must carry out effective border controls. That did not happen.

The Dublin Agreement says the same thing as Article 16 A German Basic Law: No right of asylum in a country for a person passing through a safe third country.

The German Basic Law and the EU Treaties have been willfully broken.

Furthermore, the Schengen Agreement has also been violated in the sense that it sets the common external borders of the EU. The German government basically “invited” foreigners to come to our country in violation of the external border as established by Schengen.

All in all: The legal violations are obvious. And, in case Bavaria should put forward an actual lawsuit (against the Federal government), I would consider the chances of success for such a lawsuit promising.”–Prof. Dr. Rupert Scholz

To be frank. Germany is a puppet regime of the United States of America. So, Merkel can break the laws any time she wants to so long as she’s backed up by Washington. So far, the US media is hushing up Merkel crimes. Washington, back in 2015, was ruled by the Democrats–Obama and crooked Hillary Clinton– who hailed their puppet dictator Angela Merkel as the new Leader of the Free World. What for? For replacing the white native Germans with immigrants from Africa and the Middle East! The Law… pfffft. Fuck the Law! Besides, the German Basic Law was dictated by the victorious Allies after Germany’s capitulation in 1945. As to EU Law, the totalitarian EU is not elected. The Eurocrats, in effect an untouchable priest-class, can reinvent and bend the Law any way they like, when they like.

Clueless professors speak out and risk career annihilation

That all said, even if Merkel and her cronies were to be threatened by the state of Bavaria with “a law suit,” so what about it? The terror is already here! Here and everywhere! The migrant gangs are here. The migrant crimes are here. The genocide is underway. The regime abolished German sovereignty, de-nationalized the EU nation states, revived the thought police, colludes with the media, oppresses the political opposition (the AfD), finances violent leftist terrorist groups such as Antifa, and censors the population front, right, and bottom rear.

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Prof. Dr. Rupert Scholz, born 1937, had a fulfilling career in Merkel’s party, the Christian Democratic Union. That he speaks out now against the she-despot will destroy his reputation and ruin his legacy. Historians and legalists will be kind to him, but only in a hundred years. He also has probably no idea about the hundreds of thousands of non-notable German compatriots who are brutally censored under Merkel’s hate speech laws. In fact, were Scholz only at the beginning of his career and suggested his superiors were criminal, this would be the end of his judicial career. It is a very cruel, nasty regime.

The EU and Germany never were and never will be democratic and law-based

The EU is a totalitarian construct, and Germany a full-blown parliamentary dictatorship. And those trouble-makers with a law degree who criminalize Merkel better leave the country while they still can: criticizing Dear Supreme Leader Merkel and her poor refugees is anti-democratic, anti-European, xenophobic, and racist… and will call for drastic persecution.

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