What is the NotallOrcs scheme and the Cuckoldry of LOTR?

The war of liberation from evil Lord Sauron of Mordor and his swamping Middle Earth with trillions of illegal orcs and uruk-hai could never have succeeded if our heroes were all retards and cucks, politically correct snowflakes and virtue signalers, radical feminists and social justice warriors. Like those people of Gondor were. Gondor, the city of cuckolds.

So, this LOTR meme and #NotAllOrcs hashtag got very trending and illustrates–with a good dose of elvish humor–how the political Left would have…if could have… told the Lord of the Rings saga. I’m sure you will come across many many more:

1: The Walls are too high

2: OMG!

3: See the greater picture

4: Until affirmative action

5: Hate speech

6: Mind worm

7: Only got yourself to blame

8: We must control social media

9: Refugees

10: Be a man

11: Damn it, Theoden

12: Single incidences

13: Elvish guilt

14: People should be able to live wherever they want

15: Fake News

16: Hate crime

17: Conspiracy theory

18: And he was probably mentally unstable anyway

19: No evidence of a wider network

20: Party Pooper

21: Bravo!

22: Genocide?

23: Gondor is sooo racist

24: Culture shock, will pass

25: Pray for the terror victims

26: All is social construct

27: Borders = fascism

28: Oh no he didn’t!

29: Populist

Image sources: All images are in the public domain. You can create your own LOTR memes HERE and HERE.