BUMMER: Natalie Portman Faces Sexual Harassment

The Hollywood star known for her Lolita roles and sexually explicit scenes on film now exposes Hollywood: “She has a 100 stories!”, reports Yahoo!

“She wondered if such isolation from other women on set might be deliberate. “The surprising thing is it almost feels strategic to keep you away from other women, because you don’t have the opportunity to share stories.”Yahoo!

What stories, Natalie?

So, I have this Hollywood flick in which I show my tits, my ass, my pussy–for self-gratification [I frequently flash my tits] and for teasing male viewers all over the world, haha. The movie is all about fucking. It’s titled Closer. And then some men take me, I dunno, as some slut or sex idol. I AM NOT. I totally object to the objectification of women. Also, that naked scene in Hotel Chevalier is sexual harassment. I will totally never support that. Hollywood is so disgusting.*

*It could not be confirmed if Ms Portman really included this story. But the other 99 “stories” are very authentic.

Natalie Portman in Hotel Chevalier.