Charles “All Men Are Jesus Christ” Manson was a “Nobody” 🔪

The “Nobody” that would become a Somebody who inspirited millions, mostly in a creative, metaphorically way, died on November 19, 2017; and as sure as saint trumpets his legacy will echo into our Civilization. It goes without saying that there are dangerous cults out there, that it is always short men who run it, and always abused women who follow it, and that nobody in the world, neither psychiatrist nor friend nor father, can talk a victim out of it: You’ve lost that person to Jesus Christ…some Jesus Christ. It is peculiar, indeed, and very depressing, that America would choose a psycho and mass murderer [he commanded 5 ‘killings’], spread his Cult beyond all cultural boundlessness, and animated murder, violence, brainwash, orgy as an attainable celebrity path and career goal. There wasn’t a media of matters in the world who didn’t print the important message, on November 20, 2017, that a certain Charles Manson aged 83 had died, and the kids must be thinking he was the Everybody.

Quote “All Men Are Jesus Christ” by Charles Manson, here.

Quote “I’m Nobody” by Charles Manson, here.