It wasn’t a Conspiracy Theory: EU, Merkel, Juncker plan the Abolishment of Nation States

One idiot to leak it all. Martin Schulz, leader of the Social Democrats and ex-EU parliamentarian, wants “the United States of Europe.” He could also have said: He wants to abolish the nation states.

Abolishing the Nation States

Schulz received 100% of the votes as party leader (the Kim Jong-Un of Germany) and personifies like few others the corrupt EU and its totalitarian streak. Martin Schulz, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, and Jean-Claude Juncker plan the abolition of Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain and all other EU members in order to build the totalitarian United States of Europe–a new Superstate.

Martin Schulz: Hailed as “the power-hungry Saint Martin” by the German regime press, Der SPIEGEL.

The People of Europe won’t be Asked

That explains A LOT of recent EU behavior: the EU’s absurd propaganda and hatred against BREXIT voters [all British Nazis!] and the brutal exorcism of TRUMP voters [stupid racist, white Americans]. It explains the EU’s crackdown on US social networks so that its citizens cannot communicate their frustrations. It explains Juncker and Merkel’s determination to replace the native populations with mass migration from Africa and the Middle East. It also explains the thought police, the EU militarization, the media collusion, and the gigantic, Stalinist persecution of ideological enemies.

2025 will be the Day our Sovereignty is Gone

Martin Schulz even specified a date: We will draft a constitutional treaty by 2025. “Those who are against it will simply leave the EU,” he swore at a party conference under applause. How “the nations simply leave” he didn’t explain, given the hostage-taking of the UK and the EU’s brutal treatment of nationalist movements and separatists in Poland and Spain.

The violence and brutality that must go alongside the elimination of nation states is well recorded in history with the rise and fail of the Soviet Union. As to the United States of America, that pretty much was build on slavery, civil war, and genocide on the native Indians.

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The EU beggars worldwide for Legitimacy

One could argue that the “sovereign” EU nation states, except Britain, are already compromised. France and Germany have criminalized their own people for speaking out against their tyrannic puppet regimes. Macron in France was last-minute installed as the next French president, powered by EU mass propaganda. Democracy, the rule of law, the freedom to speak one’s mind have all been sacrificed on the altar of the unelected, totalitarian EU.

Image source: Map of the EU, Irish Times

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