What’s going on in Akihabara?

Every time we visit Akihabara town in Tokyo, we are amazed by what’s on public display in those tourist shops. And mind you, this is not the age-restricted areas of which we couldn’t possibly show pictures here. This is just the toys and collectibles sections.

Akihabara Image Gallery

High school and teenagers seem always a popular theme…
And eating sweets. And weird teddy bears. And lot of butt.
LOT of butt…
Your choice of pillow on the next flight…

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Unthinkable in tight-up Europe or America? What would the cultural Marxists, the feminazis, the social justice warriors say?
New bed sheets, anyone?
For die hard anime fans who have no parents…
Hello Hikari! Hello Takami!
Keep out of her!
Why? Where? For WHOOM?

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