Has she expired? Is Angela Merkel decomposing?

The She-Despot Sees Her Terrible End

Coming out of her three-parties-talks about a “new” grand coalition [everything would stay exactly as before the 2017 election: CDU/CSU and SPD continue their grand coalition’] Angela Merkel looked somewhat decayed… decomposed. That compost smile, the hanging pouches. Has she had dreams of Gaddafi, perhaps? The stage was flawless, the lighting optimal, the mask was strong and steel… but all the farce couldn’t hide the iron Chancellor’s visible exhaustion and political expiration date. How long do such creatures last in daylight?

The Election was a Disaster… What is She Still Doing in Politics?

The Merkel party, the Christian Democratic Union  (CDU), just got 33 % of the votes, while the Social Democrats (SPD) barely 22 %. Both their worst election results since the beginning of time. Should they continue the toxic grand coalition as if nothing happened, they will probably fail and make themselves irrelevant in the next election. In fact, Merkel is now a shit magnet. Nobody wants to work with her for fear of getting stuck and sink.

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Merkel can never be sure when it sabotages her: The CIA, overlooking the Reichstag from Brandenburger Tor, could cut her strings any time. Indeed, powerful foreign interest groups lurk in Berlin that could take down the Merkel regime tomorrow, no problem. Just get your clues from the New York Times or the Washington Post. It happens fast these days with useless dictators. Recall the falling-out-of-[US]-grace of Erdoğan in Turkey or Assad in Syria. And, yes, that dreadful end of Gaddafi in Libya.

Sooner or Later, All Puppet Dictators Fall from Grace

Merkel wants to stay in power her 4th term as Supreme Leader of Germany and, by extension, the totalitarian European Union, as guaranteed by US Obama and the Clintons–under one condition: Germany had to spent millions of euros on the defamation of Donald Trump. After all, if Germany calls Donald Trump–who is of German descent–the next “Adolf Hitler,” THAT’s campaign gold for team Clinton. A deal was made, and Merkel was sure to stay in power until 2021… and fuck the voters.

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But then came the shocker: Donald Trump defied the crooked, miserable alliance and is now the President of the United States of America. Back to corrupt Germany: If Merkel ignores the people’s wishes of regime change (away with Merkel, Maas, De Maziere, Von der Leyen, Schulz, etc.) and continues Merkelism as if nothing happened, this could certainly have her ended in the annals of history alongside the worst of the worst: the Anti-German. That’s because the ‘Alternative for Germany’ [AfD] would become the Leader of the opposition in the Bundestag. The AfD, let us remind ourselves, is the first legitimate, true German party since the victorious Allies installed the German post-war puppet regime and mock democracy. With that “sovereign” party leading the opposition, the anti-German, corrupt Merkel regime is in for a ride.

Before Her Collapses, will She Engineer the German Downfall?

Not that Merkel didn’t try EVERYTHING in her powers to oppress the AfD, censor her own population, and kill off the native by allowing the mass immigration of millions of foreign males from Africa and the Middle East to enter the country illegally. Merkel, a former Stasi-collaborator in totalitarian East Germany, embodies like no other [since Saddam Hussein in Iraq] the local US puppet dictator.

That said, Washington is playing battle chess and is now on testosterone via the adversarial Trump administration. America could turn impatient on vicious Merkel since she violated every human right [genocide, censorship, political oppression…] and broke every international law [UN Asylum Laws, Schengen Agreement, Dublin Accord, German Basic Law…] during her last three years of relentless crackdown on the native Germans and persecution of the AfD.

Yeah, Merkel definitely looks… compost!

Image source: ZDF regime tv, via KenFM