Facebook announced it would also take a look into Brexit meddling from outside Russia

Haha. Got ya!


“Russia starts cyberattacks against Great Britain… Moscow also had its fingers in the Brexit referendum…” [Source: German Regime press]
Martin Schulz, Leader of the German Social Democrats and former Chairman of the EU parliament, mobilizes EU and German leaders to influence Brexit referendum.
Endless anti-Brexit German regime propaganda: “Brexit will provide momentum for Scottish independence…”
Relentless, state sponsored anti-Brexit propaganda: Martin Schulz (SPD) claims now that “agitation against minorities had led to a majority for Brexit.” [Does he mean EU bullying of the British, or the British bullying of its Brexit voters? Or both? :-D]
German anti-Brexit regime propaganda 24/7: Now that Brexit came through, it is clear that “Never was the British policy as European as now”… Gosh.
Imagine our shock: “According to German economists, the Brexit will slow growth expectations” [not the growth, watch the wording!] “in Great Britain–now and in the near future.”
Oh, and we also have THE STUDY that proves: “Brexit slows the British economy rapidly” and “Researchers in Cologne warn: “The downward could continue.” The entire text is rubbish and enemy propaganda. The research institute in question is regime funded.


Now that the shamelessly obvious meddling of the German regime and its media, let alone the meddling of the totalitarian EU, in the Brexit referendum–before and after–cannot be openly discussed, let us all agree than that the Russians caused the Brexit and lets say Facebook must look into that, pronto.

Image source: Dick und Doof – Hände hoch – oder nicht, USA, 1933