#weiweicult If you don’t sponsor me, that’s censorship!

BEIJING – It is bordering on coercion. LEGO, the Danish toymaker, is of course luxury and far too expensive for most kids in Asia and in China anyway. It’s mostly adults (fathers) who are buying it in bulks, pretending it’s for their children. Still, a toy is a toy, and LEGO bricks are marketed – visually at least – to our young ones. Common sense has it that political motive, ideological agenda, nudity, and religious dogma should stay away from the LEGO marketing department.

LEGO holds licenses for the ‘Disney’ franchise, including ‘Star Wars’. The company makes most of its profits during the Christmas season. Needless to say, sly con-artists and charlatans will want to exploit the LEGO brand and Christmas for their own branding and personality cult. And no one is better at creating drama and seeking attention than this Ai Weiwei.

Just when LEGO announced a shortage of LEGO bricks in some European countries during Christmas, Ai Weiwei coerced the Danish toymaker into sponsoring (and thus legitimizing) his super-ego and political activism. The Master wanted to use millions of LEGO bricks to make some First-world visitors in an Australian art exhibition very happy to know Ai Weiwei.

Then the unthinkable happened: The Danes said “No.” No to this obscene form of LEGO politics and ugly performance art -worming himself into the kids rooms. The Master’s addiction to self-promotion, narcissistic posturing, and his unbelievable sense of entitlement are legendary. The cottage media of course can’t get enough of his rants and tirades against his global “oppressors.” If there is a train heading for attention, everyone jumps on.

Rejected, the Master took offence and – being the spoiled brat he is – immediately accused LEGO of “censorship”. His lickspittles and twitterfollowers started a shame campaign against the Danish company.  The Western media such as CNN, ABC News, Guardian, HuffPost, Syndney Morning Post, Atlantic, Slate, and hundreds more helped to spread the Master’s word. Western mass media over the years have created this ‘conspiracy’ that everything that ever happens to Ai Weiwei must be a vicious plot by the Chinese government to get him. Accordingly, any attempts at debunking his art or criticizing his actions are dismissed as lies and distortions.

Now it is LEGO that has been labeled as an enemy of freedom. LEGO must be a collaborator of the Chinese government. LEGO must be a traitor to the Western cause.

If you refuse to provide me with millions of LEGO bricks for my latest political art project in Australia during Christmas season, that' because you are an enemy of freedom of expression and a collaborator of the Chinese government. Ai Weiwei and his blind followers resemble a quasi religious cult.

Insane sense of entitlement: If LEGO refuses to officially provide the Master with millions of LEGO bricks for his latest political art project for first-world audiences in Australia during Christmas season, that’ because the Danish are enemies of freedom of expression and collaborators with the Chinese government. (Ai Weiwei and his followers resemble more and more a crazy, militant cult.)

The West has always been morally creative like this: Selecting useful Chinese “dissidents” to represent certain ideas about Western supremacy projected onto China. A dangerous wager, for those impostors often had no real qualifications or discernible talents or fame in China other than being picked by Western media for political reasons and anti-China propaganda. The “chosen ones” were genuinely disliked in their own nation and thus seemed perfectly dependable Western pawns: the reincarnated Dalai Lama, the disrupter Liu Xiaobo, the blind Chen Guangcheng, the biblical leader “Joshua” Wong, the provocateur Ai Weiwei – a wild collection of political Chinese Kardashians.

Because this Western strategy of constantly fabricating pro-Western Chinese “heroes” and “saviors” worked so well, with legions of gullible Western fans pretending to see “genius” in everything these muppets do, the Western press maneuvered themselves into a nasty Catch-22: They cannot possible attack and debunk those Chinese frauds anymore, because that’s precisely what they’d accused the evil Chinese government of. To fight the game is to accept it.

And thus continuous our media-prescribed worship of this revengeful Wei Wei Cult and our senseless support for whatever the nude Master wants – right up to coercing toy companies into sponsoring his political activism and delusional sense of grandeur. Mao-style. NOW wash your face with cold water and rinse away your doubts. That was close! You almost looked like an oppressor of freedom…


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