Cultures Compete for Terminologies (Alzahra University, Tehran)

Pattberg Alzahra University of Tehran (CISSC)

Pattberg Alzahra University of Tehran (CISSC)

How Cultures should compete for their Terminologies

Where: Alzahra University, Tehran

When: Dec 02, 2012 (10-12 am)

Organizer: Dr. A. Doostdar, President of the Center for International Scientific Studies and Collaboration (CISSC); Dr. S. A. Mirhosseini (CISSC)

Host: Sue-San Ghahremani Ghajar, Faculty of the Department of English Language and Literature, Alzahra University

Abstract: Capitalism teaches us that nations should compete for innovations, market shares, and natural and human resources. In this talk we will discuss the notion that nations should also compete for their terminologies.

Purpose: Honest and true dialogue must also include Eastern terminologies

Why: If you don’t bring your terminologies to the tables, it won’t be a dialogue but will forever be a Western monologue.

What’s the difference: The East would bring its terminologies, thus its socio-cultural originality, into world history, and thus earn more respect, increase knowledge for the international community, build goodwill and friendship between Eastern and Western people, and be beneficial to humankind as a whole and big family.

Big Idea: STOP translating key terminologies into English. Adopt them. As my good friend S. A. Mirhosseini used to tell his language students: Don’t let yourself used by English, but use English to express yourself.

Thank you!

Key words: Translation, Allah, Ayatollah, Imam, Elm, Hekmat, Farsi, Academic imperialism, CISSC, Alzahra University