The World Ethics Institute Beijing

Thorsten Pattberg - Worldethics

Thorsten Pattberg – Worldethics

Dr. Pattberg joins the World Ethics Institute Beijing (WEIB) as part of The Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies (IAHS) at Peking University (from Jan 2013)

The aims of the new World Ethics Institute Beijing (WEIB), founded on Oct 29th, 2012, at Peking University are:

1) to bring together traditional Chinese culture and the wisdom of world civilizations, whether major, minor, or indigenous;

2) to foster the dialogue among civilizations;

3) to establish a team of great creativity and originality which combines research with teaching and domestic perspectives with international ones;

4) to bring the spiritual wisdom of ancientChinaand cultural elements of contemporaryChina–especially the lessons in economic development of the last thirty years- to the studies of global ethics;

5) to make world ethics, especially bussiness ethics, more diverse, open, and meaningful on a global scale.


World Ethics Institute Beijing (WEIB)
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