The Coming of Post-Translational Society and The Rise of Chinese Terminologies (Y-English, Beijing)

Public Talk by Dr. Pattberg at Y-English, Beijing:

20131019日 – The English language is rich of foreign loanwords. Some languages were traditionally more welcomed than others. There is a plethora of words from the Sanskrit, Persian, and Japanese traditions in the Oxford Dictionary, but comparatively little Chinese terms. Why is that?

One of the main reasons for the lack of Chinese expressions in the English language is the European tendency for translating the Confucian tradition into convenient biblical and philosophical European vocabularies. That is the reason why even China’s most important key concepts like ‘shengren’, ‘junzi’, or ‘ren’ are largely unknown to even educated Westerners. If China were to promote her own socio-cultural originality and inventiveness to the world, the author argues, she would have to promote her own key terminologies on a global scale. This would greatly impact the future of global language and the way we go about translation of invaluable cultural artifacts –China’s names.

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