Sexy China Megacities

WeToldYouSo1: Megapolis – Megacities in China

According to Businessweek China has about “221 cities with more than 1 million residents, and eight megacities, each with a population of more than 10 million.” China’s population and megacities are going to dictate a great deal in architecture and design in the 21st Asian century.

Historically, cities, and now megacities, are centers of power often greater than entire countries. Beijing alone has a larger population than Australia. New York today looks cosy compared to Shanghai. A megacity is usually defined as a metropolitan area with a total population in excess of 10 million people.

Asian megapolis easily absorb the few thousand Westerners who live there. The age of Westernization might have been come to its end. Increasingly, Westerners are happy and willing to adapt to Chinese culture and civilization. They become what sociologist call “sinicized”.

from Wikipedia: Sinicization:
Sinicization, Sinicisation or Sinification, (in Mandarin: 中国化 Zhōngguóhuà or 汉化 Hànhuà) is the linguistic assimilation or cultural assimilation of terms and concepts of the language and culture of China. […]
More broadly, “Sinicization” also refers to the phenomenon whereby neighbouring cultures to China have been influenced by Chinese culture and language without being assimilated.
The Free Dictionary:
Sinicized, Si•ni•cize (s n -s z , s n -). tr.v. Si•ni•cized, Si•ni•ciz•ing, Si•ni•ciz•es. To make Chinese in character or to change or modify by Chinese influence.