Dysfunctional USA: 2 Genders, 2 Systems of Law

The female of the species is more deadly than the male*

The Second Law: Females steal, lie, abuse children, and are, on average, more prone to depression and mental illnesses, taking drugs and following militant cults, than males. Yet, in the US law system(s), they get away with everything. They rarely get reported (males fear that females will simply cry, lie, and blame it on men), rarely get prosecuted, and if a man is the defendant, they are likely to win all the time, like in child custody battles.

The Second Sex, The Second System of Law

Americans seem to be very proud of their unjust, unfair, divisive law system(s). Yes, in fact, it 2 (two!) systems of Law! One for the males; the other for the females. You don’t believe it? You must be a fool: Look around you. Even if its outright immoral behavior and the female is clearly the sociopathic perpetrator, Americans are brainwashed to see her as the universal victim. She must be the victim of man… her man, some men, all men–Oh, the Patriarchy! Females are so protected and assured that the Second Law works against the males, that they can, and will, accuse any man they don’t like as ‘sexual predator’, ‘rapist’, ‘white supremacist’, ‘abuser’ and anything else that comes to their mind.

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Males afraid of females because the Law is sexist

Females will also cry in courtrooms in order to reduce their sentences, on average, by 20%. And even before a court case is opened, if at all, the media (journalism is feminine) has already called the verdict: Men are guilty in the court of public opinion by default, based on any woman’s sheer gossiping. We have witnessed this over and over again in false rape accusations on university campuses. Recently, the New York Times, that awful click-bait, spamming propaganda rag, accused all men of being monsters, guilty on basis of their male DNA.

Feminist lies and pseudo-sciences

He groped me, he looked at me, he tried to kiss me, he man-spread, he mansplained, he was rude, he doesn’t give me enough money, oh, he’s such a sexist!… the media and the family courts have become a shameful feminist scam in persecuting often innocent, defenseless men.

This insanity is not going to end soon, on the contrary. The Law is inherently sexist. The jail and prison population in the USA is not female-free, that it is not, but it’s clearly an anti-male racket. For every ten males, there’s only one female jailed or incarcerated, and females are separated from men [maybe we should separate males and females in schools and universities, too].

2 Genders, 2 Systems of Law: Intimidated males side with abusive females

This lawlessness of females in the USA has led to female privilege and false entitlement. Feminism and so-called gender studies are pseudo sciences. They have corrupted our universities. Since the law is female, many men adjust their behavior and become so-called ‘white knights’. Delusional, afraid, or just sly and calculating, these white knights will hail a criminal female as heroin, and her abused male victim as the criminal. At American schools and universities and all the work places, white knights are tiptoeing around females, because they know the law is unjust and hopelessly anti-male.

*Rudyard Kipling, The Female of the Species

In this video and Yahoo! report, it all comes together: Crazy females, male white knights, and the broken law system. A speaker whose opinion the female [pictured] doesn’t like, she steals his speech from his desk. Thereupon he runs after her through the crowded place, holds her by the rucksack, and tries to get his speech back. Immediately, white knights who have no idea really what happened, come to the damsel’s support. The speaker, Lucian Wintrich, got arrested, accused of ‘grabbing a female’, charged with breach of peace, and released on $1,000 bail.
The case of Emma Sulkowicz, aka Mattress Girl. A slutty Columbia University student [she does porn activism] seduces German exchange student Paul Nungesser and is willing to have sex with him. Halfway through, it got rough and against her will, she would later claim. She carries the dorm mattress over the campus and celebrates her ‘rape’ as art project and master thesis. The university, afraid of her and, of course, afraid of the the unjust, broken law system, acts as white knight and support this insanity.

In November 2014, Rolling Stone Magazine published a 9,000-word article entitled ‘A Rape on Campus’ about ‘Jackie’, a female student that was allegedly gang-raped by the Alpha Chapter of a Virginia U Fraternity. The author of the article, Sabrina Rubin Erdely made the story up. The actress, Jackie, made the gang-rape case up. They were lying radical feminists who wanted to smear easy targets: male students. Why, because they know the law system is unjust and broken. Luckily, and after getting worldwide attention, the female insanity was just over the top, and nothing in that story held up to scrutiny. The magazine retracted the story, and was fined millions in defamation lawsuits. But the criminal females won the battle: The entire nation, to this day, believes there is a ‘rape epidemic’ going on on US university campuses.
Holy Mother of Lies and Deception: A ‘Pink Pussy Hat March’ for Gender Equality that IN YOUR FACE is sexist, divisive, and evokes insurmountable gender differences.