East-West Dichotomy sends deepest condolences to Paris over acts of terror

PARIS – How dishonorable all this revenge terror is. Our deepest condolences to the people of Paris. The terror attacks were against the laws of the land, and its perpetrators, we are sure of it, will be punished severely. The terror groups must be dismantled and disabled. We sincerely hope that the Paris terror attacks will NOT be declared “an act of war,” and will not cause a European war on an Islamic nation or Muslim people. Islam belongs to Europe.

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That aside, there is the danger that (thanks to the internet) terrorists (no matter their creed) have now universally figured out that rifles and pistols are far more effective in killing as many people as possible than are self-made suicide bombs or grenades [see video below]. That’s because in crowded places, with a bomb or grenade only the first bodies hit would take the full damage while they would also work as blast-shield to the other bodies behind them. With an automatic rifle, however, there is sure-fire precision killings with little smokescreen, and thus a higher death toll. Moreover, hand-fire weapons are much easier to obtain in Europe.

French President Francois Hollande claimed that the attacks were an “act of war.” [see Guardian] 127 people were killed, and over 200 wounded during 5 separated terror attacks in one day. 8 shooters were allegedly killed or committed suicide. Collaborators are still on the run. First identified killer was of French nationality. Other suspects have been arrested in Brussels.

Unfortunately, the media of matters profits immensely from such acts of terror (and war). We’ve witness an unprecedented media hype when journalists blew the Charlie Hebdo massacre out of all proportions, with no apparent merit other than to sell their papers and belittle and patronize Islam, which in turn would provoke a response that attracted even more (global) attention – and the march of millions on the streets of Paris. The result was a complete and monstrous overstimulation towards racism and xenophobia and culture clash. Next, the migrant crisis overwhelmed Europe, with more than a million refugees asking for asylum in Germany and France. And then, these new terror attacks in Paris happened.

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Our politicians, too, are having a field day and shine in the media: Germany’s Minister of Interior Thomas de Maiziere already declared that “The terror is also directed at Germany![and probably also against the entire West, and against Humanity, and against our Universe(al rights)… of course]. Luckily, he also warned the public that we should not link the Paris attacks to recent migrant influx. By why not? The media will certainly speculate with all possible scenarios. The more newsflash the better. Feverish warmongers always wanted for France and Germany to take a more active role (alongside the USA] in the war in Syria, and to fight ISIS and Mr. Assad in particular, to death if need be. One more such a terror attack, and our hawks may get what they bargained for…

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