Youtube’s 1000 subscribers policy rattles cages

YOUTUBE passes laws of digital slavery: Millions of content creators not taking part in payments

The latest changes at Youtube, the video site that has tragically turned from a free-for-all content platform to a censorship nightmare and control freak, should set off alarms around the free world. A new policy, starting from Feb 1, 2018, will automatically demonetize [deprive from ad-revenues] ALL Youtube channels with less than 1.000 subscribers and 4,000 hours/a year of lifetime views.

“This gold-rush at Youtube is over. Go to plumber school. You’ll have a better future. Trust me.” —KEEMSTAR

This essentially makes it almost impossible for smaller channels, one-offs, non-corporate entities, and beginners to make any money on their uploads… for years perhaps, if at all. Youtube is already a ruthless hierarchy that gives preferential treatment and a free pass to its own chosen champions [more visibility, marketing, and manually manipulated trending lists] while subjecting millions of others non-notables to frustrating [if not: intimidating!] ‘community guidelines’. On top of this carnage came Youtube‘s shameless collusion with the old legacy media (CNN & Co.) who now also get preferential treatment on the platform.

“That’s what Youtube is now. It is an abusive parent that abuses us every day now.” —Boogie2988

But the latest step to squash its millions of smaller creators is seen by many critics inside the community as Youtube‘s greatest abuse and betrayal yet of its founding principles: equality and openness. Just to put that into perspective: over 10 million Youtube channels currently have below 1.000 subscribers. With the new regulation in place, they are now basically driven into… slavery. Working without pay on that video farm that makes tons of money and a few people rich from stealing everyone’s lifetime.

Boogie2988 explains in more detail in his ‘BIG Changes to Youtube Partnership Program DESTROYING Small Creators‘:

KEEMSTAR, drama specialist and professional provocateur, is more cynical about the future of corporate Youtube and has this advise to beginner Youtubers: